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Covation has significant operations in North America and is the largest market in terms of sales. Regional operations are managed out of our Dayton, Ohio, Mexico City, and Toronto offices.

The Huffy brand has operated out of Dayton for over 125 years. Today, Dayton operations include product development, sales, and traditional support functions. The US market is further supported by sales offices in Fort Collins, Colorado and Bentonville, Arkansas. US distribution is supported by warehouses in San Pedro, California and Savannah, Georgia. Canadian operations are based in Toronto with sales and third-party distribution. The Latin America markets are supported by our team in Mexico City with sales and third-party distribution.  

With more than 125 years of industry-leading innovation, we are driven by the continuous pursuit to provide the best products possible and make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. Our diverse, global team of motivated, problem-solving people enable our brands to connect and our products to delight our users every day.

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