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Huffy Blurb

The Huffy brand is synonymous with bicycle fun for every member of the family. From its beginning, when George Huffman’s Davis Sewing Machine Company produced its first bicycle in Dayton, Ohio in 1892, the company’s long list of innovations continues today. Magazine ads and television commercials generated excitement for the Huffy Convertible featuring the first training wheels, Scout ten-speeds, BMX bikes, and then-new mountain bikes. An ongoing 25+ year partnership with Disney sparks innovative (and best-selling) products featuring numerous Disney properties.

Huffy products create memories for every age around the globe. Trikes, bikes, scooters, foot-to-floor, and battery-powered ride-ons introduce young kids through teens to the brand connected to the message, “We Make Fun.” Teens through adults ride Huffy cruisers, comfort, and mountain bikes, many made on the Huffy Perfect Fit frame, designed for better comfort and a better ride.

The Huffy E-products line offers well-designed electric products at more accessible price points. E-bikes add power for easier rides to work, around town, anywhere. Electric folding bikes and E-scooters are ideal for small spaces from offices to condos to cars. A trusted brand, many adults choose Huffy for their first experience with E-transportation.

Huffy engineers and designers continuously pursue innovative options for rider comfort and fun. Huffy makes lasting memories. We Make Fun.

Batch Blurb
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The Batch brand is for casual riders seeking reasonably priced bikes with quality components, without the need to assemble. For riders who plan to ride a few times a month and prefer the service of a local bike shop, Batch has a full line of bikes to suit various riding styles.


The Batch brand is designed for riders who keep life simple, support local shops, and want to ride a bike again. Batch understands all of that, and provides options for customers to purchase online or at a local shop. Either way, Batch ships it to a local bike shop to make sure the quality components are professionally assembled. The right assembly makes a difference. Plans to ride, “now and then,” may turn into, “Is it 5:00 yet?”

Covation saw the need for reasonably priced, quality bikes with a combination shopping/assembly experience, forming Batch Bicycles in 2016. The brand offers great margins to dealers and imposes no minimum order quantities, eliminating typical constraints. Batch bicycles continue to be well made, smartly outfitted, and extensively tested, earning media accolades such as’s “Editor’s Choice.”

Bicycling Magazine reviewed one of Batch’s electric models, concluding the bicycle “offers a quality build and riding experience at a pleasantly affordable price.” Batch has the right formula.

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Niner Blurb

The Niner Bikes brand was founded in 2005 and began selling mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels at a time when this category was just emerging. With a focus on unique, innovative product development and a constant effort to make riding on dirt better, the brand quickly became a sensation in the premium, enthusiast mountain bike segment.

Adding gravel bikes to the range in 2012, Niner capitalized on another prescient vision of the rapidly evolving, niche/enthusiast cycling segment. Riding gravel bikes on dirt roads became one of the fastest-growing segments among dedicated riders, with Niner among the world’s most popular brands of gravel bikes.

Product design and development takes place at their home base in Fort Collins, Colorado; the perfect setting for experts committed to every detail of the rider’s experience. The well-designed bikes helped Niner increase its dealer count in the U.S. and enabled the company to build its global network in 50+ countries.

United Wheels acquired Niner in 2017. The Niner brand continues its focus on premium product development including E-bikes with carbon fiber options.

Niner is #CommittedtoDirt in every sense: improving access to trails and open space; creating outstanding bicycles for enjoying the roads and trails; and minding the gritty details of doing things the right way for our customers.

Buzz Blurb
Buzz Logo-01.png

Buzz E-bikes combine decades of industry experience with the spirit of a new business. Extensive industry and rider research influence product design ensuring Buzz E-scooters and E-bikes are comfortable and easy-to-ride, with the right boost of power. Regardless of the model, riders have a universal “WOW moment” when they first experience the difference of riding an electric bike or scooter.

In addition to providing solid products for riders, Buzz provides community support. During the Buzz Across America promotion, 20 small businesses received a Buzz Cerana E-bike. Each business experienced difficulty during the pandemic but found ways to incorporate the electric bike to build new business.

In 2016, Covation recognized the white space for an e-transit brand with quality specs at mid-range prices. Buzz is the right brand with the right products for a rider’s first experience in E-transportation. The products are designed for commuters to casual riders, with technology and features for riders to quickly feel comfortable with riding e-products.

First-run products were tested by riders in 2018, with final products ready the following year. Buzz continues its focus on research, using insights to develop its growing line of products. The brand has one goal for its riders: to #BuzzThroughLife.

Royce Union Blurb
Royce Union Logo.PNG

Royce Union has a long history in the bike industry. Since 1904, the brand has seen engineering advances, industry growth, and ownership changes; but the core of Royce Union brand remains the same. For more than 100 years, Royce Union has been making precision engineered bicycles recognized for performance, quality, and dependability.

The brand designs mountain, comfort, and commuter bikes with a focus on quality and performance. Aluminum frames, suspension forks, and Shimano drivetrains provide solid control and exceptional rides on light trails or around town. Easy to maintain and comfortable to ride, Royce Union bikes appeal to riders who understand what makes a better bike, as well as those who just want a great ride.

Royce Union became a major name in the bike industry in the 1940s. By the 1990s, the brand was popular in freestyle and BMX, with Shimano components on mountain bikes.

Huffy purchased Royce Union in 1997. As a Covation brand, Royce still engineers quality bicycles with exceptional rides.


There’s a big difference between a great bike and one that is could be on display but is best viewed racing down on a trail or on an open road. VAAST Bikes are designed piece by piece for ultimate performance. Adventurers, racers, and anyone seeking an amazing experience, revel in a VAAST ride.

Passion is a mantra at VAAST. Product designers and engineers, avid riders themselves, are inspired to create bicycles with new levels of performance; no detail is over-looked. VAAST is the first brand to use an Allite Super Magnesium frame, a significant innovation in material sciences. The alloy is lightweight, with the weight of a frame similar to that of a carbon fiber frame. While the alloy weighs 33% less than aluminum and 50% less than titanium by volume, it is significantly stronger than both.

In 2017, Covation dedicated a specialized team focused on high-end sport performance riders. Research identified rider preferences, manufacturing options, and industry data to inform the engineers, designers, and enthusiasts.

Allite Super Magnesium was identified in 2018 for its superior performance qualities. Lighter than well-known aluminum, the alloy is stronger than titanium. An advantage for the environment and manufacturing, Allite Super Magnesium is 100% recyclable. 

Product development and testing were completed the following year, when VAAST Bikes launched at Eurobike 2019. Global Cycling Network and Peloton Magazine were just the first to praise the new brand’s bikes. The cycling press continues to notice the brand and praise its products. Dealers have taken notice as well, with a growing network carrying the line of superior products for amazing adventures.

Allite Blurb

In alloy research, advances can take years. Significant discoveries, and patents, are rare. The Allite team of engineers, chemists, and metallurgists was responsible for creating materials to balance advancing technology, production, and human achievement in 2006.

The team created Allite Super Magnesium™ materials, a high-strength, high shock-absorption alloy. The alloy weighs 33% less than aluminum and 50% less than titanium by volume but is significantly stronger than both. Allite Super Magnesium was first used on VAAST bikes in 2018, receiving solid reviews for performance.

Since that initial product, Allite now offers a full line of Super Mag services and capabilities, including proprietary patented and custom alloys with forging, extrusion, and die-casting technologies.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with the principal sales team based in Dayton, Ohio, Allite has offices around the world and works with companies of all sizes. From a research team in 2006 to a full-service Allite Super Magnesium™ provider, reimagining the material world is completely possible.

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