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Covation's global footprint includes the European market with the regional headquarters based in Bedfordshire near London. This office serves as the sales hub for outdoor bicycle brands Huffy, VAAST Bikes, Royce Union, and Buzz E-Bikes. This office is supported by representation in Remscheid, Germany and 's-Heerenberg, the Netherlands.


The company’s global manufacturing base is well placed to support the supply of bikes to both the UK and broader European markets. Distribution is supported by our third-party logistics warehouse in the Netherlands.


The European division will build on the more than 125 years of industry-leading innovation and will support the company's continuous efforts to provide quality products and a positive impact in communities where we live and work. Beginning in 2022, this team will leverage Disney licenses and launch a broad assortment of E-bikes to capture the most mature E-bike market.

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