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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Covation?

Covation Holdings Limited is a privately held global holding company with two distinct businesses. The first business is United Wheels which focuses on the outdoor cycling and recreational industry, and boast brands such as Huffy, Niner, Batch, Royce Union, Buzz E-bikes and VAAST. The second business is our Allite material sciences business featuring our proprietary Allite Super Magnesium which is used in numerous industries including the cycling industry.

How was Covation founded?

Covation was founded to integrate world-class bicycle manufacturing operations with leading brands known throughout the globe. The founding of Covation allowed our manufacturing resources, cycling and recreational brands, and our material sciences brand to share knowledge, resources, and innovative ideas to continue providing our customers with world-class wheeled goods and rare-earth alloy materials.

What does Covation mean?

Covation is a combination of the words “collaboration and innovation” and embodies our purpose as a company. We seek to collaborate with our surrounding communities and related industries and create innovative products that address the needs and wants of our target consumers and partners worldwide.

Where is Covation located?

Covation is a multinational company headquartered in Hong Kong with operations spanning across North America, Europe, and Asia. North American operations focus on sales, product development, operations, and logistics, as well as traditional support functions. European operations focus on sales and logistics.

Lastly, our Asian operations are dedicated to product design, manufacturing, and distribution functions and are located in the greater China area.

How many countries does Covation operate in?

Covation currently has operations in seven countries in Asia, North America and Europe, and its products are sold in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Where are Covation businesses located?

Covation is headquartered in Hong Kong, with major operations in Dayton, Ohio, Bentonville, Arkansas, Fort Collins, Colorado, Mexico City, Toronto, Canada and Bedfordshire, England which allows us to sell our brands in over 50 countries. Additionally, our manufacturing operations are located in Ningbo and Jurong, China.

What industries does Covation operate in?

Covation operates primarily in the outdoor recreational industry through United Wheels and multiple other industries including Aerospace, Electronics, and Automotive through its Allite material sciences business.

What are Covation’s major brands?

The major brands under Covation are Huffy, Batch, Niner, Buzz, Royce Union, VAAST, and its materials business, Allite. These businesses cover products from children’s bikes to lightweight gravel and mountain bikes, to innovative and proprietary Allite® Super Magnesium™ alloy materials. Our Huffy brand boasts licensing partnerships with major brands such as Disney, Marvel, Lucas Film, Nickelodeon, and Ford, in addition to other well-known brands of NERF, Tonka, and True Timber.

What is the vision and mission of Covation?


To become the leading vertically integrated designer, manufacturer, marketer and seller of branded bicycles and related wheeled goods worldwide. We envision consumers will reward technological advances in materials and electromechanics that improve the appeal, enjoyment and functionality of bicycles with both increased demand for our products and enhanced images of our brands.

To become a recognized innovator in the material sciences industry for our cutting-edge R&D work in the development of proprietary ASM alloys that will revolutionize the design and manufacture of a variety of consumer and industrial product categories.

We value teamwork, creativity, and open and candid communications, and strive to be a sought-after destination for new talent.

To operate the business responsibly by being a responsible corporate citizen wherever we operate, treating and compensating our employees fairly, and protecting our terrestrial environment for future generations.

To reward shareholders with superior investment returns by adhering to these guidelines and principles while aligning management and shareholder long-term interests.

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